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Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] Does Hanwha Network Camera support ONVIF protocol ?


Samsung network camera is compliant with ONVIF.

The deployed ONVIF versions of each camera are as below.


 ONVIF version  Supported device
 ONVIF 1.02  SNB-7000, SND-7080(F), SNV-7080
 ONVIF 1.01  SNB-5000, SNB-3000, SNB-2000, SNO-5080R, SNZ-5200
SND-5080(F), SND-3080(C)(F),
SNV-5080, SNV-5010, SNV-3120, SNV-3080
SNP-5200(H), SNZ-5200, SNP-3430H, SNP-3120(V)(H)



Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] How do I access video stream from DVR(SRD series) by VLC player?

RTSP URL of SRD series DVR is as below.



For example,

              - DEVICE_IP:

              - RTSP_PORT: 558 (default)

              - CH_INDEX: (channel number to stream -1)

                 ☆ To stream channel #1, CH_INDEX is 0.



Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] What kind of H.264 profile are supported?

Our network devices can support three types of H.264 profile such as
1. High
2. Main
3. BaseLine

Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] How can I check RTSP video stream?
You can use VLC player and QuickTime Player for confirmation of RTSP stream.
Please insert RTSP stream url in these players.


Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] Audio specification of samsung network camera

Our network devices support Audio under follow specification.
Audio channel = Mono channel
SamplingRate / BPS = 8kHz / 64kbps

Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] Frame-dropping is occurred

Almost cases of FrameRate drop is caused by using dual stream or dual codec.
In this case, we suggest that you'd better to disconnect all other video streams except only one stream you used.

Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] Why MJPEG profile always be fixed to 5fps in setting page?

In the profile setting page (http://IPaddress/home/av_videoprofile.cgi) MJPEG is selected as Event Profile/FTP Profile defaultly. Event profile has limitation of FPS by 5 frame per sec. To solve this issue, we can create new profile and then select it as an Event Profile. After that, you can use full frame service for other profiles.

Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] I can NOT connect via ONVIF protocol
You have to make sure synchronization between server time and device time

before using ONVIF driver. 
If time difference is bigger than 5min, ONVIF authentication will be failed.

Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] Authentication method of RTSP/HTTP protocol

Samsung devices are using Digest Authentication for RTSP, HTTP/API.

We do not support Basic Authentication.

Product & Technolgy [HTTP, RTP, RTSP API] Does Hanwha devices support UPnP?

Some models support UPnP feature.

Please refer to the user manual for specific model.