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Hanwha Techwin Privacy Policy


Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd (hereafter Hanwha Techwin) values the private information of its customers and has established and complied with the ‘Private Information Protection Policy’, in accordance with ‘the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection’ and ‘the Act on the Protection of Personal Information’. 


Hanwha Techwin’s Private Information Protection Policy’ may be subject to change in accordance with the revision

of laws and regulations, changes in government policies or changes in company policies.  Any revisions to the policy

will be posted on our website (step.hanwha-techwin.co.kr) or notified to the customer individually. 

Hanwha Techwin’s Private Information Protection Policy specifies the following:


   Article 1 General Provisions

   Article2  Personal Information to be collected and Method of collection

   Article 3  Collection and Use of Personal Information

   Article 4  Use/Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

   Article 5  Outsourcing the processing of Personal Information

   Article 6  Use, retention and destruction of personal information

   Article 7  Right and Obligation of User/Legal Representative

   Article 8  Personal Information Manager

   Article 9  Security Measures to protect personal information

   Article 10 Installation and Operation of automatic personal information collection system

   Article 11  Obligation of notification



 Article 1: General Provisions


  1) Personal information refers to information about a living person which includes their name and national ID number and is used to identify a specific person (including information which can be used to identify a specific person in combination with other information, although such information alone is not sufficient.).


  2) Hanwha Techwin values our clients’ personal information and complies with personal information

protection regulations set forth in ‘the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications

Network Utilization and Information Protection’, ‘the Act on the Protection of Personal Information’

and “Personal Information Protection Guideline” established by the Ministry of Public

Administration and Security.  Hanwha Techwin informs individuals of why and how we use your

personal information and what we do to protect your personal information through our Private

Information Protection Policy.



 Article 2: Personal Information to be collected and Method of collection


   1) Hanwha Techwin collects personal information as follows: to provide various and convenient

services to our customers and verify the identity of customers.

  ·Required fields: name, email, company name, company address, company phone number,

type of occupation, nationality, company size and company type

     ·Optional fields: phone number, fax number and homepage URL, areas of interest,

date of birth, job position, project information, content of interest, CI images


   2) Hanwha Techwin collects the above personal information which a customer fills in Online. 

 Please be informed that the items in Article 1 may differ according to different types of services

and purposes.  For each service, you can select “agree” or “disagree” as set forth in Consent

Form for data collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information or Terms and Conditions.

By selecting “agree”, you agree and consent that we may collect and use your personal



   3) In addition to Article 1 and 2, the following information may automatically be created and collected while you are using our services.

       - Service utilization data, IP address, access log, MAC address, etc.



 Article 3: Collection and Use of Personal Information


   1) Hanwha Techwin collects your personal information to the minimum extent necessary to provide

    satisfactory services to fulfill the following purposes: to answer your inquiries, maintain

information in response to your inquiries, manage membership, provide content and send
    promotional and marketing information.


   2) Hanwha, however, does not collect any sensitive information that is likely to infringe upon
customers’ fundamental human rights (including race and ethnicity, ideas and beliefs, country

 of origin and legal domicile, political disposition and criminal record, health conditions and sexual activities).



Article 4: Use/Provision and Sharing of Personal Information


   1) Hanwha Techwin will under no circumstance use private information of Members beyond

the scope of Article 2 “Purposes of Collection and Use of Private Information” or provide such

information to a third party or business/institution, otherwise required by relevant laws and

regulations or in the case where your prior consent has been obtained. Please be informed that

we may use and provide personal information in the following events.

.      - In a case where all rights and obligations of the service provider handling the personal

information have been disposed of or transferred to a third party Hanwha Techwin will give

a prior notice in detail as to the reasonable cause and procedure and will offer you the option of

revoking your consent.

      - Hanwha Techwin obtains your consent after sending prior notification, via email or in writing,

specifying the details of the proposed recipient of your personal information, the purpose of the

proposed use, the information, proposed to be shared, your right to refuse, and subsequent

consequences thereof.


   2) In the following exceptional cases, Hanwha Techwin may provide your personal information

without asking your consent.

      - Where such information is required for the company to provide services pursuant to a service


      - Such information is requested by a government agency for the purpose of conducting

an investigation in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations

      - Such personal information in question is to be used for the purpose of conducting a study,

market research or statistical analysis and will not result in identification of any individual 



 Article 5: Outsourcing the processing of Personal Information


   1) For the purpose of seamless processing of personal information, Hanwha Techwin outsources

    the processing of personal information to a third party as follows.  

 Call Center

         - Outsourced service provider: Sammi Systech Co., Ltd.

         - Outsourced work: responding to A/S requests and various other customer support-related



   2) When outsourcing the processing of customers’ personal information, Hanwha Techwin ensures

that the service provider adheres to the instructions on the protection of personal information,

maintains confidentiality, refrains from transferring or disclosing said personal information to

a third party and assumes liability for any damages.


   3) In the event of any changes to the terms of the outsourcing contract, Hanwha Techwin shall

notify you of the changes through this Privacy Policy.



 Article 6: Use, retention and destruction of personal information


   1) After fulfilling the objectives of collection or use of your personal information,

Hanwha Techwin shall dispose of such information immediately, as required by the customer.


   2) Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hanwha Techwin may retain some of your personal information

for a certain period of time, if necessary, in accordance with applicable laws and regulation and

its company policy. 

      Retention of information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations (Commercial Law,

the k Act on National Taxes, Corporate Tax Act, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic

Commerce Transactions, etc. and the  Protection of Communications Secrets Act, etc.)

      1. Website management including sign-up: until your membership is withdrawn from the

website. For cases that fall under the following, until the fulfillment of each purpose:

 In the case where an investigation or inspection is ongoing, in accordance with the applicable laws, until the completion of the investigation or inspection

 In the case where any financial liabilities with respect to the use of the website, until settlement and calculation of payables (if any) are completed.

      2. Provision of goods or services:  until the delivery of the services and settlement and

calculations of compensation payable are completed. 

           - For cases that fall under the following, until each term expires. Records on transactions

such as labeling/advertising, contents of a contract, and execution of a contract,

in accordance with Article 6 of Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce

Transaction, Etc.                          

           - Records on labeling/advertising

           - Records on revocation of a contract or an offer, payment of price, or provision of goods:

5 years

           - Records related to consumer complaints and resolution of disputes : 3 years

       Records on telecommunications, in accordance with Article 41 of Enforcement Decree

of the Protection of Telecommunications Secrets Act            

      - Records on date of telecommunications, opening time and finishing time, number of

      counterparties, points used, tracking records on the location of the base station used in the

      telecommunication: 1 year

           - Records regarding computer communication, internet log, tracking records on the location of

access : 3 months

 Records on identification, in accordance with Article 29 of the Enforcement Decree of

Act on Promotion     of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data
  Protection, etc.
for six (6) months after the end of posting on the bulletin board


    3) Destruction Procedure and Method

      - Personal information. Hanwha Techwin will destroy your personal information promptly when it is

 proven to have become unnecessary to the extent that it is no longer required to be retained. 

      - In case it is required to retain your personal information, after it has fulfilled its purpose or

 passed its term of retention, such information shall be transferred to a different DB or storage


      - Any personal information in the electronic form shall be destroyed so that any records may not

    be reproduced and personal information stored in hard copies shall be shredded or incinerated.



 Article 7: Right and Obligation of User/Legal Representative   


   1) You are entitled to request the inspection, change, removal, or suspension of your personal

information or to withdraw your consent in relation to personal information at any time. You may

read your personal information or request correct/delete or suspend processing, or withdraw

your consent at any time by contacting us at the following phone number, email or in writing.

       Personal Management Department

         - Department: HR team(Security Group)

         - Contact Person: Ki-dong Kim, Director

         - Contact: 070-7147-7117, kidong1.kim@hanwha.com


   2) You are entitled to exercise the right set forth in Paragraph 1 through your legal representative or a person who

       is authorized by you to do so.  In the above case, attorney letter of attorney is required under Article 11 of the

       enforcement regulations of Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

       Personal information that you or your legal representative requests for deletion will be handled in accordance with

       the provisions of ‘Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information collected by Hanwha Electronics’ and

       relevant laws, and shall not be used for any other purposes


   3) In case you request the correction of any error in personal information, we shall neither use nor provide the

       applicable personal information until the completion of correction. In addition, if incorrect personal information has

       already been provided to a third party, we shall make the appropriate correction by notifying the said third party

       promptly of the result of correction.


   4) Hanwha Techwin shall handle the personal information of which destruction is requested by you appropriately in

       accordance with relevant laws and regulations for the retention and usage period of the personal information and

       will take appropriate measures to prevent such information from being read or used for other purposes.


   5) You are advised to provide correct personal information for the purpose of preventing any and all unexpected

       accidents. You shall be responsible for any accident arising from the inaccuracy of personal information provided

       and may be deprived of membership or prosecuted under relevant regulations in case of using false information

       using the information of others fraudulently.


   6) You are entitled to receive protection for your personal information but you also have obligations to protect

       yourself and to refrain from infringing upon the private information of others. You are advised to prevent the leaking

       of your personal information and to refrain from damaging the personal information of others including information

       posted on a website. If you fail to fulfill this obligation and damage personal information or the dignity of others, 
       you may be prosecuted in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations


   7) Protection of Personal Information of Minors

      - In principle, Hanwha Teckwin shall not collect personal information of minors.

      - In case where it is inevitable to collect personal information of minors for business purposes, Hanwha Teckwin

        shall ask for the consent of their legal guardians in advance and destroy the applicable personal information

        immediately once the purpose is attained. In addition, Techwin shall thoroughly manage personal information

        during its operations.



 Article 8: Personal Information Manager


   1) For the purposes of protecting your personal information and handling complaints and questions related to

       personal information, we have a dedicated team and personnel for personal information protection as follows.



Personal Information Protection Manager

Personal Information Protection Manager


Management Support Division

HR Team


Vice President



Woo Suk Kim

Ki dong Kim








   2) If you need help or advice regarding personal information, the following organizations can be contacted.

      - Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (www.1336.or.kr/1336)

      - Korea Internet Security Agency (www.118.or.kr/118)

      - Personal Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr/02-580-0533~4)

      - Internet Crime Investigation Center of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (icic.sppo.go.kr/02-3480-3600)

      - Cyber Terror Response Center of the National Police Agency (www.ctrc.go.kr/02-392-0330)



 Article 9: Security Measures to protect personal information


   Hanwha Techwin takes the following technical measures for securing safeness in order to ensure that personal

   information is not lost, stolen, disclosed, altered or damaged during the handling of your personal information.


   1) Hanwha Techwin stores and manages customer’s personal data in encrypted form.


   2) Anti-hacking measures

      - Hanwha Techwin does its best to prevent your personal information from being disclosed or damaged through

        hacking or viruses. 

      - We back up materials on a regular basis in preparation for any damage of personal information, take precautions

        to ensure that customers’ personal information or materials are not disclosed or damaged by using the latest

        anti-virus programs and safely transmitting personal information on networks using code algorithms. 

      - We also control unauthorized access from external sources by using firewall systems and make every effort to

        ensure the highest level of system security.


   3) Personnel management and training

      - Hanwha Techwin authorizes only a designated person(s) to handle your personal information and for this

        purpose grants a separate password which is regularly renewed.  In addition, we train such personnel to protect

        your personal information.

      - The hand-over procedures for personal information managers are carried out in a protected environment, and

        each personal information manager receives training on the handling of the personal information after joining

        and resigning from the company.

      - To prevent any unauthorized access, we designate our computer rooms and data storage rooms as restricted



   4) Dedicated personal information protection team


  Hanwha Techwin, through its dedicated personal information protection team, monitors whether all requirements

  of our privacy policy are observed by its Personal Information Manager(s). In the event that a problem is found,

  Hanwha Electronics takes appropriate corrective measures immediately. However, Techwin does not take any

  responsibility for problems that arise when personal information is disclosed due to your carelessness or problem

  on the internet.



 Article 10: Installation and Operation of automatic personal information collection system


    1) Techwin has set and manages a tool that automatically collects personal information known as a ‘cookie’.

        A cookie is a very small text file that a server that is used to operate Hanwha Techwin’s website sends to

        your browser which is then saved onto your computer hard disk.  Hanwha Techwin uses cookies for the

        following purposes.

       · Purpose of Using cookies

         To analyze the access frequencies of members and non-members or their regular visiting hours, understand

         customer’s preferences and fields of interest and trace tracks, provide targeted marketing and individually

         customized services by figuring out the extent of various event participation and the number of visits.


    2) You have a right to decide to install cookies or not.  Therefore, you may allow using all cookies by setting up

       an option in your web browser through the confirmation procedure whenever cookies are saved or otherwise

       reject to save cookies.  Please be informed that if you select not to use cookies, you may experience

       difficulties in using certain services.

       · How to reject cookies (for IE)

         Go to ‘Tools’>Internet Options>Privacy, then change settings from ‘Default’ to High and select

         “Block All Cookies”.



 Article 11: Obligation of notification


    1) This Privacy Policy was established on September 30, 2011 and any addition, removal or modification to this

       Privacy Policy with changes to relevant laws and regulations and government policies and Hanwha Teckwin’

       policy or changes to security technology will be notified to the customer at least seven days in advance.



If such personal information is provided to a third party or there is any change to the purpose of use/collection or

the term of retention of such information, Hanwha Techwin will obtain your consent for such purposes


  This Privacy Policy is effective from June 7, 2016.