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Application Partner

Application Partner Program
The purpose of the Application partner program is to provide various development
supports, SDK, and technological information for partners to help them provide
the applications required to construct a stable security system based on
Hanwha Vision’s products.

TargetISV, application companies, etc. for which systems can be integrated.

Membership Criteria

Application Partner Qualifications
Details Contents
Developer Training
To further develop the partner’s competences, Hanwha Vision provides partners
with developer training courses (these are classroom-based and compulsory).
Commercially available application Must have already or be developing a CMS or similar application that is compatible
with Hanwha Vision products.
Signing of Application Development
Agreement & NDA
For the partner’s benefit and to secure business information, signature of
the Application Development Agreement and the Non-disclosure Agreement is
Integration Development Support The partner will provide technology and development support to Hanwha Vision
to achieve integrity and compatibility with Hanwha Vision products.
Revenue Commitments The direct and indirect contribution of the partner’s applications and technology
to sales revenue will be evaluated and rewarded accordingly.
Feedback about
Hanwha Vision Products
Application partners will provide feedback on Hanwha Vision products.

Member Benefits

Application Partner Support Program
Category Details Contents
Marketing Access to
Marketing Collateral
To boost partner’s sales operations, various printouts, promotional and
other marketing materials.
Project Pricing A special discount is offered on product orders posted on the website for projects
whose design is based on Hanwha Vision products, in the order of posted.
Support (Exhibitions/
Road shows, Ad. Etc.)
Not only are manpower and product support provided to partners arranging
exhibitions or seminars, but opportunities are also offered of marketing collaboration
with Hanwha Vision.
Partner Certificate A Partner Certificate is issued by Hanwha Vision to certify the partnership of
the certificate holder.
Access to
Partner Web-portal &
Registration of partner
name on website
Partners are granted access to Hanwha Vision’s security partner program portal,
where benefits and information can be found. The partner’s logo is displayed
on the web-portal.
Monthly Partner
A monthly E-News newsletter is published every month, to provide partners with
the latest Hanwha Vision information, including product introductions,
service details, reports on and plans for events, and other news.
Technical Data
(SDK, etc.) & Support
Partners are provided with SDK, CCTV Tool and other support software by
Hanwha Vision, and will be offered technical support upon request.
QA Testing To assure quality, partners are provided with support on integration of
Hanwha Vision products and on Quality Assurance testing.
Demo Equipment
Demonstration equipment for the latest products can be rented or purchased at
a discounted price.
on new products
Partners will be the first to hear the latest news and information about
Hanwha Vision’s new product range.
Technical Force
Dedicated support can be provided to maximize the partner’s sales and
development operations.
Apply VOC into
Product Development
The valued opinions of partners are welcomed and given priority consideration in
development of Hanwha Vision’s product range.
Partners are provided with more than technical support, for Hanwha Vision
works with them as an ally in support of the partner’s technical development.
Training Product/Technical
Hanwha Vision offers training and educational assistance to partners to build up
their professional competence in the field of video surveillance.
online Training
Partners are offered online tutorials and technical information on Hanwha Vision
products and technologies.