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A&E Program

A&E Program
The purpose of the A&E partner program is to provide various design support tools,
such as system architecture security system design, A&E documents for consultant,
drawing CAD file, network bandwidth calculator, etc., without the obligation
to join as a member.

TargetDesign firms, system architectures, consultants, engineers, etc.

Member Benefits

A&E Partner Support Program
Category Details Remarks
System design
support tool
Product Selector Network Bandwidth
and storage capacity calculator
Field Of View calculator device Manager N/W Design Tool Online Updater
Selecting a product that is appropriate for the design
specifications, and providing various tools such as
network bandwidth and HDD capacity calculator,
depending on the number of cameras.
System design
support file
A&E Documents 3D CAD Drawing Making out system instructions quickly and easily, and
supporting HANWHA products by providing features, functions,
and specifications of product for system design.
Technology Product demonstration support Support for products and manpower when it is necessary to
demonstrate products.
Training Product/Technical
Hanwha Vision offers training and educational assistance to partners to build up
their professional competence in the field of video surveillance.
online Training
Partners are offered online tutorials and technical information on Hanwha Vision
products and technologies.