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Privacy Policy

Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Hanwha Techwin") values the privacy of our customers and has established the Privacy Policy in compliance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, ETC. Personal Information Protection Act, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Hanwha Techwin's Privacy Policy may change according to changes in the enactment of laws, amendments, changes in government policies, or the company's internal policies.

Hanwha Techwin's Privacy Policy contains the following information:

Article 1: General Provisions
Article 2: Types and Methods of Personal Information Collected
Article 3: Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
Article 4: Use, Provision, and Sharing of Personal Information
Article 5: Consignment of Personal Information Handling
Article 6: Retention, Usage Period, and Destruction of Personal Information
Article 7: Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives and the Exercising Thereof
Article 8: Privacy Officers
Article 9: Security Measures for the Protection of Personal Information
Article 10: Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices
Article 11: Notices for Changes in the Privacy Policy

Article 1: General Provisions

① Personal information refers to any information regarding an individual that can be used for identification purposes such as a name or Resident Registration Number (including information that can be easily combined with other information to identify a specific individual, even if the piece of information alone would be ineffective for identification purposes).

② Hanwha Techwin values the importance of protecting the personal information of customers and adheres to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and Privacy Directive established by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. Hanwha Techwin informs customers via the Privacy Policy of the purpose and manner in which personal information is used as well as the measures for protecting such information.

Article 2: Types and Methods of Personal Information Collected

① Hanwha Techwin provides a variety of convenient services to customers and collects the following personal information from related websites for identification purposes.

Collected personal information item
Service Name Collected personal information item
Required information DDNS Service ID, password, name, email address, address, country, IP address
4CUST Service Name, Company name / department, email address, IP address
CRM Service Name, phone number, email address, partner type, IP address
Wisenet SSM License Service Name, email address, country, company name, job title, category, product,IP address
Customer Support Service Name, phone number, email address, country, address, model name, IP address
STEP(Partner Registration) Service ID, password, name, email address, phone number, IP address, Company name
SRM(e-bidding System) Service Name, email address, password, company information, IP address
SmartCam Web viewer Name, ID, password, email address
Contact Sales First Name, Last Name, Email address, Phone number, Company name, Region, Product of interest, Solution of interest, Partner type, Inquiry
Whitepaper download First Name, Last Name, Email address, Phone number, Company name, Region, Product of interest, Partner type
Newsletter First Name, Last Name, Email address, Region, Country, Partner type
Video Streaming Service First Name, Last Name, Email
SNS First Name, Last Name, Email address, Region, Country, Partner type, Company name, Phone number
Optional information DDNS Service Company name, phone number, fax number
4CUST Service Mobile phone number
Wisenet SSM License Service CCCTVㆍRecorderㆍClient Quantity
STEP(Partner Registration) Service position
Contact Sales Country
Whitepaper download Country
New Product Notifications Registration Email address, First Name, Last Name, Country, Product of Interest
SRM(e-bidding System) Service Phone number, fax number, Mobile phone number
SNS Inquiry

② Hanwha Techwin collects the above personal information in a manner in which customers directly complete online forms. However, the types of collected information prescribed under Paragraph 1 may vary depending on the purpose and type of service. Terms and conditions or an agreement for the collection of personal information shall be presented by individual service to which a user may choose to agree or disagree. Personal information shall only be collected upon agreement by the user.

③ In addition to those in Paragraphs 1 and 2, the following personal information may automatically generated and collected during use of service. - Service usage records, IP address, access logs, MAC address, etc.

Article 3: Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

① To provide satisfactory services, Hanwha Techwin collects a minimal degree of required personal information for the purposes of answering questions and retaining responses, managing memberships, providing content, transmitting advertising information, and other marketing activities.

② However, we do not collect sensitive personal information (race, ethnicity, ideas/beliefs, place of birth, location of family register, political affiliation, criminal records, health, sexuality, etc.) that may risk violating a customer's basic rights.

Article 4: Use, Provision, and Sharing of Personal Information

① Except in cases where applicable by law or via customer consent, Hanwha Techwin does not use or provide personal information to other companies or organizations beyond the scope prescribed under Article 3. However, personal information is cautiously used and/or provided for the following cases.
1. If the rights and obligations of a service provider is fully succeeded or transferred due to a sale, disposal, merger, or acquisition, Hanwha Techwin shall provide advance notice with legitimate reasons as well as an option for the withdrawal of consent with respect to personal information handling.
2. If the personal information of a customer is provided or shared for any other reason, the customer shall be notified in advance via email or in writing regarding who is to receive or share such information, the purpose for which the information is provided, the types of information provided, the right to refuse provision, and possible detriments that may be incurred as a result of refusal.

② In the following cases, we may provide personal information without consent in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
1. Execution of contract regarding provision of service.
2. If stipulated by the terms of relevant laws and regulations, or if requested by a law enforcement agency for investigative purposes in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by law.
3. If provided for statistical or academic or market research purposes by first processing personal information in a manner in which a specific individual cannot be identified.

Article 5: Consignment of Personal Information Handling

① Hanwha Techwin consigns and operates personal information handling as follows to ensure effective processing:
1. Consignment of Tasks and Consignees

Consignment of Tasks and Consignees
Type Consignees Consigned Tasks
Customer Support Center Sammi Systech Co., Ltd. Customer Support Reception and Guidance
Product Support Seoheung Co., Ltd.; Secu Win Co., Ltd.; Escom Korea Co., Ltd.; Ace CC Tech Co., Ltd.; Atec Co., Ltd.; Entoss Co., Ltd.; Walnet Co., Ltd.; KCM Solutions Co., Ltd.; T&C Tech Co., Ltd.; Sammi Systech Co., Ltd.; Power Technology Co., Ltd.; Jinsung Telecommunications Co., Ltd.; Damo Telecommunications Co., Ltd.; See Eyes Co., Ltd.; Joa Electronic Co., Ltd.; Seokwang Engineering Co., Ltd.; Seonjin Information Systems, Co., Ltd.; Secure Tech Co., Ltd.; Secu One Co., Ltd.; Genic Solutions Co., Ltd.; Paran Telecommunications Co., Ltd.; Dongyang Telecommunications Co., Ltd.; Samsung SDP Co., Ltd.; IDIS Co., Ltd.; NaMoo Network Co., Ltd.; Kyungan information technology Co., Ltd.; VEGA system Co., Ltd. (27 companies) Video Surveillance Equipment Customer Support
Website Maintenance Neighbor System Co., Ltd.; Hanwha Systems Co., Ltd.; Ipartners Co., Ltd.; sm2net Co.Ltd.; Coreplus Co., Ltd.; Discussion Co., Ltd. Hanwha Techwin Website Maintenance
Business Email / Customer DB Salesforce.com Singapore Pte. Ltd. Marketing Cloud
Business SMS SureM Marketing Agency
Video Streaming Wistia Inc. Video Streaming Service Provider
Marketing Channel LinkedIn Corporation, Facebook Social networking service company
Maintenance of servers and other infrastructure for Smartcam devices Hanwha Systems Co. Ltd.; Entrusted with the operation of related infrastructure including SmartCam servers

② Hanwha Techwin clarifies responsibilities (restrictions on handling personal information exceeding the scope originally agreed upon; technical and administrative safeguards; restrictions on reconsignment; management and supervision of consignees; compensation for damages; etc.) when consigning personal information and supervises the consignees to ensure that such information is processed safely.

③ Any changes in consignees or consigned tasks shall be disclosed without delay via this Privacy Policy.

Article 6: Retention, Usage Period, and Destruction of Personal Information

① Hanwha Techwin shall destroy personal information without delay at the request of a customer or when the purpose of collection or provision of personal information has been achieved.

② However, such information shall be retained for a certain period of time if required by relevant laws and regulations or internal policies as follows:
※ Retention of information pursuant to relevant laws and regulations (Commercial Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. Protection of Communications Secrets Act, etc.).
1. Website sign-up and management: Until withdrawal
However, information shall be retained until fulfillment of duty for the following reasons:
A. Until the end of an investigation for violations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
B. Until the settlement of remaining debts with respect to Website usage.

2. Provision of goods or services: Until the provision of goods or services are completed or fees are settled.
However, information shall be retained until fulfillment of duty for the following reasons:

A. Recording of transactions in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act such as displays, advertisements, agreements and implementations thereof, etc.
1) Records of displays and advertisements: 6 months
2) Records of contract cancellations, payments, and provision of goods: 5 years
3) Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
4) Records of Personal Information collected through Techwin's website, call-center or service center for the purpose of customer service will be kept for 3 years.
5) Records of Personal Information collected through customer survey or feedback will be kept for 3 years.

B. Archiving of communications evidence in accordance with Article 41 of the Enforcement Decree of the Protection of Communications Secrets Act.
1) Computer communications, Internet log data, and connection tracking data: 3 months

③ Destruction Procedures and Methods
1. Hanwha Techwin shall destroy without delay the personal information of customers when the retention period has lapsed, objectives have been achieved, or the information is no longer required for any other reason.
2. Despite the above reasons, if personal information needs to be retained in accordance with relevant laws or regulations, the information shall be moved to a separate database (DB) or storage area.
3. Hanwha Techwin shall destroy personal information recorded or stored in electronic files in a manner in which restoration or recovery is impossible. Information recorded or stored on paper shall be shredded or incinerated.

Article 7: Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives and the Exercising Thereof

① With respect to their own personal information, customers may at any time request the inspection, correction, deletion, stoppage of handling, or withdrawal of consent. To request inspection, correction, deletion, stoppage of handling, or withdrawal of consent, contact the following department via phone, email, or in writing for immediate processing.
▶ Personal information inspection requests

Personal information inspection requests
Department Business Planning Team
Manager Hyun Do Kim, Senior Manager
Contact +82-70-7147-8734,

② If a customer requests the correction of errors in personal information, the respective information shall not be used or provided until appropriate measures have been completed. Furthermore, if incorrect personal information has been provided to a third party, the results of the correction shall be immediately notified to the respective party to ensure that corrective measures are implemented.
③ Deletion of personal information requested by a customer shall be processed as specified in relevant laws and regulations within the legal period of retention and use. In addition, such information shall be prohibited from inspection or use for any other purpose.
④ To avoid possible incidents, be sure to enter the most current personal information without error. Incidents that occur due to a customer entering incorrect information shall be the responsibility of the respective customer. Identity theft or entering of false information may lead to membership termination and be punishable by law.
⑤ With the right to receive protection of personal information, customers have an obligation to protect themselves and not infringe on the information of other people. Be careful not to leak your own personal information or damage the information of others. Failure to fulfill such responsibilities and undermining of the privacy and dignity of others may be punishable according to relevant laws and regulations.
⑥ Personal Information of Minors
1. As a rule, Hanwha Techwin does not collect the personal information of customers whom are minors.
2. If the personal information of minors is collected due to unavoidable reasons in the execution of product-related services, prior consent of the customer's legal representative shall be obtained and such information shall be destroyed without delay upon the completion of relevant tasks. Furthermore, said information shall be strictly managed while such tasks are in progress.

Article 8: Privacy Officers

① To protect the personal information of customers and handle complaints and inquiries related to such information, Hanwha Techwin has designated the following Privacy Officers.

Privacy Officers
Chief Privacy Officer Privacy Officer
Department Management Support Division Management Support Division
Rank Vice President Senior Manager
Name In Kwon Hyun Do Kim
Contact +82-70-7147-8734 +82-70-7147-8734

② For consultation or to report privacy violations, please contact the following organizations:
1.Privacy Complaint Center (www.118privacy.kisa.or.kr - 118)
2.Supreme Prosecutors' Office - Cyber Criminale Investigation Section (www.spo.go.kr - 1301)
3. Korean National Police Agency - Cyber Bureau (cyberbureau.police.www.ctrc.go.kr - 182)

Article 9: Security Measures for the Protection of Personal Information

Hanwha Techwin performs the following technical, administrative, and physical measures to ensure safety in the handling of and prevent the loss, theft, leak, alteration, or damage of personal information.
① Hanwha Techwin encrypts important personal information to be stored and managed.
② Anti-hacking measures
1. Hanwha Techwin is committed to preventing the leakage or damage of personal information due to hacking or computer viruses.
2. Data is regularly backed up in preparation against possible damage of personal information, and the latest anti-virus programs are used to prevent the leakage or damage of personal information. In addition, personal information is transmitted over networks via encrypted communication.
3. A firewall is used to control unauthorized outside access. We are committed to utilizing all available technical resources to systemically ensure information security.
③ Minimization and training of personnel
1. Hanwha Techwin limits the handling of personal information to personnel directly responsible, assigning separate passwords that are updated periodically. Furthermore, personal information is securely managed via frequent training of responsible parties.
2. Transfer of duties with respect to personal information handling is conducted under strict security, and responsibility for privacy incidents is managed clearly in personnel who join/leave the company.
3. Computer data storage rooms are set as special protection areas to strictly control access.
④ Privacy protection task force
1. Fulfillment of personal information protection and personnel compliance are verified via an in-house privacy protection task force, and immediate corrective action is taken if and when a problem is discovered. However, Hanwha Techwin shall not liable for problems due to personal information leaks caused by customer negligence or Internet problems.

Article 10: Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices

① Hanwha Techwin manages HTTP cookies for storing and retrieving user information. An HTTP cookie is a small file sent from Hanwha Techwin's servers to a user's web browser and stored on the respective customer's computer hard disk drive. Hanwha Techwin uses HTTP cookies for the following purposes:
1. Purpose
Hanwha Techwin use cookies to track visitors’ visit information, track, analyze and store visitors, and we can improve our website structure and content, or use them for marketing. Cookies utilize safely converted information, Hanwha Techwin cannot personally identify you from cookie information.

② Customers have a choice in whether to install cookies. By setting the options in a web browser, customers have the option to accept all cookies, confirm each time a cookie is stored, or refuse all cookies. However, customers may have difficulty with the provision of services if cookies are rejected.
1. Example of rejecting an HTTP cookie (Internet Explorer) Click the [Advanced] button under [Tools > Internet Options > Privacy] and set the option.

Article 11: Notices for Changes in the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of Mar. 3, 2021

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Partner Agreement





1. Purpose  

The purpose of this Hanwha Techwin Eco Partnership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ”Agreement”) is to stipulate the mutual cooperative relationship between Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Hanwha Techwin”) and Partner(hereinafter referred to as “Partner”). 


2. Types and Membership Conditions for Partner  

Hanwha Techwin Partner Program (“Hanwha Techwin Eco Partnership” or simply as “STEP”) shall be composed of five different Partners and each Partner has different membership conditions.  Also, even the same Partner has different benefits depending on rank.  Partner shall review the contractual provisions for each Partner type as follows and agree with such terms in order to apply for the Partner membership.  

  Channel Partner 

To be eligible as Channel Partner, one shall be System Integrator company, installment company, reseller, etc. that handles video surveillance product, security product, etc.  Channel Partner is ranked in the order of Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Authorized.  Once Partner has agreed with the Agreement and if there is an additional agreement with ‘Hanwha Techwin,’ each Partner shall perform the following obligations as it has now participated in the Partner program.  The rank for Partnership shall be
evaluated on an annual basis.   

The obligations of Channel Partner shall be as follows.   

A.    Achieve Annual Sales Target 

Partner shall be obligated to satisfy the annual Sales Target agreed with Hanwha Techwin and upon failure to do so, it is mutually agreed that it may affect the evaluation of the rank of Partner.  

B.    Attend Hanwha Training Academy 

Partner shall complete training programs provided by Hanwha Techwin for the smooth running of sales/PR activities and demo activities.    

C.    Purchase Discounted Demonstration Equipment 

Partner shall procure demo products in order to market/publicize the products of Hanwha Techwin in an effective way.  Such demo products can be purchased at a discounted price at the distributor and if the Partner desires to purchase more than the volume granted, it may purchase them at the manufacturer’s suggested price. 

 Technology Partner 

To be eligible as Technology Partner, one shall be a business that deals with storage devices, servers, network equipment or display equipment, or communications operator, etc. that provides an optimal system in connection with the products of Hanwha Techwin.  Technology Partner is ranked at the two levels ofGlobal and Local. Technology Partner may join the Program by agreeing with this Agreement and the rank for Partnership shall be evaluated on an annual basis.     

 Application Partner

Application Partners are Software Developers and Video Management System (VMS) Providers that want to integrate Hanwha products and solutions to their software.

However, application partners who need technical support must sign a separate confidentiality agreement with Hanwha Techwin.

In addition, if a certificate for installation of an open platform app is required, the application partner must request through a separate certificate application process in STEP, and the issued certificate and private key must be safely managed under the responsibility of the company.  

 A&E Partner 

To be eligible as A&E Partner, one should be a system architect or a consultant that designs video surveillance system.  A&E Partner may join the Program by agreeing with this Agreement without additional special membership conditions.  

 Client Partner 

The final client that purchases video surveillance systems shall be eligible for Client Partner.  Client Partner may join the Program by agreeing with this Agreement without additional special membership conditions.  

 Distributor Partner 

Distributor Partner, which sells the products of Hanwha Techwin, shall sign a Distributorship Agreement with Hanwha Techwin.  Distributor Partner may join the Program by agreeing with this Agreement, provided, however, that the rights and obligations relating to the distributorship for Hanwha Techwin shall be governed by the provisions of the existing Distributorship Agreement with Hanwha Techwin. 

3. Term  

This Agreement shall be valid and effective for one (1) year from the membership subscription date.  The Agreement shall be automatically renewed for another twelve (12) months, unless Hanwha Techwin or Partner expresses its intention to terminate in writing prior to thirty (30) days of the expiration of the term.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, unless Partner performs the obligations stated hereunder, Hanwha Techwin may not renew the Agreement or may downgrade the rank of Partner, which shall be accepted without any objection by Partner. 

4. Termination  

Upon the occurrence of any one of the following, Hanwha Techwin may terminate (cancel) this Agreement with the Partner by sending a notice to the Partner.  

     When Partner applies for bankruptcy, insolvency, or liquidation;  

     When Partner has violated the provision hereunder and failed to remedy such violation within thirty (30) days upon the notification by Hanwha Techwin regarding the breach and the need to take a corrective action; or  

     When Partner does not cooperate regarding the various marketing strategies, etc. by Hanwha Techwin, thereby failing to create a synergy effect of cooperation  

Regarding such termination (cancellation) by Hanwha Techwin, Partner shall not raise any claim or demand compensation.  

5. Confidentiality  

Partner shall treat and regard any and all information disclosed by Hanwha Techwin as confidential and such confidential information shall not be disclosed to a third party or reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of Hanwha Techwin.  This confidentiality obligation hereunder shall survive during the term of this Agreement and for a period of three (3) years from the expiration or the termination of this Agreement.  

6. Intellectual Property  

Nothing in this Agreement is intended to grant any right to Partner regarding the use of the trademark of Hanwha Techwin or the use of "Hanwha Techwin" or "Hanwha" Group logo to

the domain or brand of Partner.  

7. Indemnification  

The purpose of this Partner Program membership subscription is to create synergy effects based upon cooperation between Hanwha Techwin and Partner and to grant mutual benefits to each other.  Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a joint venture, partnership (meaning partnership or joint venture relationship in the legal meaning; Partners shall acknowledge that the “Partner” hereunder does not mean the partner in the legal meaning of a word), employment or agency.  Furthermore, nothing in this Agreement shall give rise to the obligation of mutual guarantee, such as joint guarantee. HANWHA TECHWIN SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES) OR CLAIM ARISING HEREUNDER AND PARTNER SHALL INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HANWHA TECHWIN FREE FROM ANY DAMAGES OR CLAIMS.

 - The End -

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